The Story Behind Our Signature Dishes: Part 4 – Tuna Sashimi




At SakkuSamba, our Tuna Sashimi is not just a dish—it’s a reflection of our undying commitment to culinary artistry. Nestled at the crossroads of Japanese precision and Brazilian vibrancy, this delicacy encapsulates our promise: to deliver unparalleled dining experiences that honour traditions while celebrating innovation.

Our Tuna Sashimi serves as an ode to the purity and elegance of traditional Japanese cuisine, while also showcasing the boldness and flair that is quintessentially SakkuSamba.



The heart of our Tuna Sashimi is the sublime, sapphire-blue tuna, sourced from the deepest corners of the Pacific. Every slice bears testament to the freshness of the ocean, exuding an umami flavour that is both profound and exhilarating.

But the magic of SakkuSamba’s Tuna Sashimi doesn’t end at sourcing. The art is in the finesse of the cut. Each translucent slice is expertly carved, ensuring the ideal thickness that melts in the mouth while preserving the tuna’s intrinsic flavour. The natural texture and taste of the tuna are left untouched, allowing diners to experience the raw beauty of the ocean.

Enhancing the natural elegance of the tuna is a hint of Brazilian zest. This subtle influence, be it in the form of a special seasoning or an accompanying sauce, provides a delicate dance of flavours on the palate, ensuring that every bite is a revelation.



Sashimi, as a dish, celebrates simplicity. However, SakkuSamba’s Tuna Sashimi elevates this simplicity into sophistication. Our approach to this delicacy is rooted in respect—respect for the ingredient, the technique, and the diner.

The tuna we select isn’t just fresh; it’s a reflection of our commitment to sustainability and quality. Every piece is chosen for its pristine quality, ensuring that the natural flavours shine through.

Our seasoned chefs, with years of expertise, strike the perfect balance between traditional sashimi-making techniques and the signature SakkuSamba twist. This ensures that our Tuna Sashimi stands as a unique, memorable dish, harmoniously blending tradition and innovation.



Within Bradford’s dynamic culinary landscape, SakkuSamba carves a niche for itself. Our Tuna Sashimi, a staple at our Bradford branch, reflects the essence of what we bring to the table.

Guardians of Tradition: SakkuSamba Bradford reverently adheres to time-tested Japanese techniques, yet doesn’t shy away from infusing a hint of Brazilian essence, yielding a unique fusion.

Commitment to Quality: Each slice of our tuna is more than just a piece of fish; it’s a testament to our dedication. We ensure that those who choose our Tuna Sashimi in Bradford get a genuine, quality experience.

Skill in Simplicity: The nuanced craft of our chefs is manifest in every slice of our Tuna Sashimi. It’s a blend of careful selection, meticulous preparation, and a passion for presenting.

More Than Just Taste: Dining at SakkuSamba Bradford is not merely about what’s on the plate. Our Tuna Sashimi is a part of the whole experience – one of ambient surroundings and attentive service.

Recognition and Appreciation: While we maintain a humble approach, the thought and craft behind our Tuna Sashimi have garnered positive feedback. Our patrons in Bradford appreciate our balanced approach to this classic dish.

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In essence, our Tuna Sashimi at SakkuSamba Bradford speaks of our ethos: commitment to quality and a respectful nod to traditions while embracing innovation where it fits. For those in Bradford looking for a genuine sashimi experience, SakkuSamba beckons. Experience the straightforward yet captivating allure of the ocean’s bounty.

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