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SakkuSamba: A Brazilian-Japanese Fusion Sensation in Manchester

The SakkuSamba Experience: A Blend of Cultures and Cuisines

Positioned in the bustling Spinningfields district, SakkuSamba serves as a unique culinary gem within the diverse and thriving food scene of the city. With its fascinating fusion of Brazilian and Japanese cuisines, SakkuSamba is not merely a restaurant but an immersive dining experience that has been delighting patrons since it opened its doors over a year ago.

Famous for its rich musical heritage, Manchester has now added a distinctive note to its symphony with SakkuSamba, harmoniously blending the culinary traditions of the East and the West. As a city that continually reinvents itself and embraces diversity, SakkuSamba aligns perfectly with the Manchester spirit, offering a space where the boldness of Brazil dances with the refined subtleties of Japan.

SakkuSamba Interior indoor entrance

Manchester City is not just a hub for culture and sport; it’s a burgeoning hotspot for food lovers, boasting an eclectic mix of eateries. Amidst this lively culinary landscape, SakkuSamba has successfully carved a niche for itself, creating a gastronomic journey that transcends geographic borders and transports diners to new culinary realms.

Each visit to SakkuSamba is an adventure, a journey that immerses you in a unique culinary narrative that tantalises and satisfies the palate. It is an integral part of the city’s vibrant dining culture, capturing the essence of Manchester’s innovative spirit through the imaginative coupling of two vastly different yet equally enticing cuisines. It’s the heart of Brazil and the soul of Japan, all under one roof in the thriving heart of Manchester City.

Manchester city

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Celebrating diversity, innovation, and gastronomic excellence, SakkuSamba’s fusion cuisine contributes to the rich tapestry of culinary experiences that Manchester City offers. Whether you’re a Mancunian foodie or a visitor exploring the city’s vibrant food scene, a meal at SakkuSamba promises an unforgettable dining experience that leaves you craving for more. In the rhythmic, multicultural heart of Manchester City, SakkuSamba continues to compose its unique culinary symphony.

A Fusion of Brazilian and Japanese Aesthetics

Brazilian themed

With an address in Avenue North and filling the former sites of Artisan and Manchester House, SakkuSamba’s interior is a feast for the eyes. The two-level layout showcases an array of Instagram-worthy spaces, perfect for the social media-savvy diner. Each level is meticulously designed to deliver a unique vibe – on the ground floor, you’ll find a vibrant Caipirinha bar, and the upper floor is home to a sprawling 400-cover restaurant, two luxurious private dining rooms, and a bar.

Delicate Sakura trees, symbolic of the Japanese cherry blossom season, adorn the premises, complementing the contemporary neon light fixtures and bold patterns. A VIP area, complete with its own restaurant and private corridor, provides an exclusive experience for discerning patrons. SakkuSamba is not only about tantalizing your taste buds but also about captivating your visual senses.

A Culinary Journey Across Continents


SakkuSamba is a splendid restaurant where the culinary arts of two worlds, Japan and Brazil, collide in a palatable feast. Boasting a variety of over 150 dishes, it combines the delicate artistry of sushi with the robust flavours of Brazilian cuisine.

Signature Dishes Part 1

Experience a Japanese culinary tradition with SakkuSamba Manchester’s array of sushi options. Choose from a variety of Uramaki, like the Tuna Uramaki, bursting with tuna, avocado, mayonnaise, and sesame, or the Spicy Salmon Uramaki, a delightful mix of salmon, tempura bits, mayonnaise, and chilli sauce. For those preferring Nigiri, there are choices from Tuna Nigiri to Salmon Nigiri and more. The menu also offers Futomaki options, including the Edo Roll filled with prawn, salmon, cucumber, avocado, and chilli sauce, and the Teriyaki Salmon roll with salmon, avocado, mayo, and teriyaki sauce.

Dive into the Brazilian gastronomic journey with SakkuSamba’s Brazilian Grill offerings. Savour the Cap of Rump/Picanha, a favourite cut of meat in Brazil, cooked to medium-well perfection. Experience the tantalizing Lamb Rump, skewered and served with SakkuSamba’s house mint sauce. The Brazilian adventure is incomplete without the Chicken Thigh, marinated with orange and lemon,  grilled to juicy perfection.

For the health-conscious, SakkuSamba Manchester’s menu includes an assortment of salads and soups. The Prawn & Octopus Salad is a refreshing mix of prawns, octopus, mixed peppers, and tomatoes with olive oil and yuzu dressing. The Green Mango, Cucumber & Mint Salad provides a light, refreshing mix of green mango, cucumber, tomato, and red onion with mint sauce. Warm up with the traditional Japanese Miso Soup, a hearty mix of wakame, tofu, and spring onion.

SakkuSamba’s impressive selection caters to everyone, providing a seamless blend of Japanese and Brazilian cuisines, a treat for every palate.

A Symphony of Drinks

SakkuSamba’s expansive drinks menu mirrors its culinary approach – it’s a fusion of Japanese and South American flavours. The restaurant features a wide selection of over 100 different drinks to sample. From the Brazilian national cocktail Caipirinha to a variety of sake, every drink on the menu has been selected to complement the food and elevate the overall dining experience.

The Mirror Room: A VIP Dining Experience

Indulge in an elevated dining experience in SakkuSamba’s exclusive VIP section, The Mirror Room. Designed to accommodate up to 74 guests, this bespoke area is a testament to our commitment to unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Celebrate victories, host extravagant parties, or simply enjoy a night of opulence with our exceptional service and sublime decor that encapsulates the very essence of SakkuSamba’s distinct style. You will be attended to by our highly trained staff, who are dedicated to ensuring your experience is nothing short of memorable.

Every detail in The Mirror Room – from the finest table settings to the unique decorations – has been carefully curated to reflect the quality and finesse that SakkuSamba is renowned for. It’s more than a dining area; it’s a space where unforgettable memories are created, and where hospitality is taken to new heights.

Bookings for The Mirror Room require a deposit and are subject to a minimum spend. Our team is ready to assist with your inquiries and to make sure your SakkuSamba experience is the epitome of fine dining.

To secure a reservation or for more information, please get in touch with us. We look forward to welcoming you to The Mirror Room, where SakkuSamba’s best awaits you.

Sao Paulo and Tokyo: Exclusive Private Rooms

Sao Paulo: A Touch of Brazil

Envelop yourself in the warmth of Brazilian charm with our exclusive Sao Paulo VIP room. Designed for an intimate group setting, this room seats up to 16 guests, with a minimum requirement of 10 seats to secure a booking. It’s the perfect location to enjoy a quiet, luxurious dining experience, savouring the best of SakkuSamba’s menu with close friends or esteemed colleagues. Whether it’s a private party, a business meeting, or a special family gathering, the Sao Paulo room promises an exceptional and memorable dining experience.

Tokyo: A Slice of Japan

Immerse yourself in the serene and minimalistic aesthetics of Japan with our Tokyo VIP room. This room is designed to accommodate larger gatherings with seating for up to 22 guests and a minimum requirement of 15 seats for reservation. Ideal for large family gatherings, corporate events, or celebrating special occasions, the Tokyo room encapsulates the very essence of Japanese elegance. It’s the perfect space for guests seeking a sophisticated and private environment to enjoy the eclectic blend of Brazilian and Japanese cuisine offered by SakkuSamba.

Booking either of these exclusive VIP rooms ensures an unforgettable SakkuSamba experience, offering both privacy and exquisite dining in a setting of your choice, Sao Paulo or Tokyo. Each room guarantees personal service by our dedicated staff, enhancing your dining experience with an added layer of exclusivity and luxury.

SakkuSamba Manchester – A delight to behold

In summary, if you’re in the lively city of Manchester and yearn for an extraordinary culinary journey, look no further than SakkuSamba. This dining haven, nestled in the city’s vibrant epicentre, elevates the gastronomic scene by merging the intricate flavours of Japan with the hearty zest of Brazil. The resplendent ambience, coupled with its eclectic food palette, is a reflection of Manchester’s diverse, cosmopolitan character.

SakkuSamba isn’t merely a restaurant, it stands as a culinary beacon representing the unity of global cuisines. What sets SakkuSamba apart is not just its exceptional culinary repertoire but also its commitment to providing a visually and gustatorily satisfying experience. It is the exquisite fusion of these two culinary traditions and its ability to deliver them with unwavering quality that cements SakkuSamba as the preeminent sushi and Brazilian gastronomy destination in Manchester. The captivating culinary narrative that SakkuSamba weaves is an ode to international flavours and is the very essence of the city’s cosmopolitan spirit.

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